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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Here's looking at You

I actually had this experience, and drew the comic of it, a couple of years ago, but knew I wanted Henna designs around the edges, and I lacked the confidence to come up with them on my own. So it sat for awhile.  Fortunately I have a friend, Holly, who is an amazing Henna artist (check out her Henna By Holly Facebook page to see for yourself!) so I finally asked her for help. She sent me a couple different designs to work with, which were gorgeous and, for some reason, a little intimidating to me.  So it sat again for awhile.  

But recently it has been a time for me to reconnect with things I'd become disconnected from, and to complete things I'd started and not finished.  And so it was I picked this one up again a few nights ago, and finally forged ahead, discovering in the process how addictive Henna art really is.

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