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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Occasionally Quarterly

Just to follow up my last post and to demonstrate (mostly to myself) that I'm serious about continuing to work on my comics, here is the cover for the 10th installment of my mini-comic Gerb's Quarterly. It is long awaited, at least by me, since the last issue was drawn in 2004 --Which has prompted me to consider renaming it Gerb's Occasionally. 

Now to finish the rest of the issue...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sketchy Future

There has been a lot of stuff going on in my life lately, and through it all a resounding message has been ringing through -- Above all else I am a cartoonist.  That is my bliss, my vocation, and what I have (and no exaggeration!) always wanted to be.  It gets laid aside sometimes as other things such as my shamanic practice and teaching take the forefront, as new lessons get learned, as I fall back to sleep into society's 'survival-mode' dream of reality, but cartooning is always what I return to. 
Recently through a series of shamanic death and rebirth adventures, where I've had to face my own mortality, the most prominent thoughts, after worrying about what would happen to my 2 cats should anything happen to me, were, "But I didn't finish drawing those comics!"
These are my children, my creations, those things most unique to me, my legacy and what will remain in the world after I'm gone.  These are the things that bubble up from my very essence with a demanding insistence on being brought into the realm of physical existence. It is the thing that most makes my heart sing in the thralls of ecstatic realization.  In other words, it is the thing I most came into this life to express. 
As a demonstration of these revelations, rather than experiencing a lack of creativity in such a trying time, my inspiration has been on an upswing.  In fact I find myself a little overwhelmed as to what to work on first as a number of projects have resurfaced or introduced themselves, and I find I'm working on four or five of them at the same time.
Knowing that this particular blog has been neglected, below are some recent sketches from a variety of comics I am working on currently, and hope to post more work with more consistancy in the near future.
For the moment the future is a bit sketchy... ;)

My character Wormy as the Morrigan for a comicization of an ancient Celtic tale.

A character study...
...and a scene from the next installment of Gerb's Quarterly
(The previous issues having been collected in one volume and available here)
A preliminary character sketch for a bigger, long-term comic with warrior/monk rabbits who caretake the various points on the wheel of the year

And finally, a character sketch above and a scene below from a comic that's been in the works for years.  Since I work mostly in black and white, I wanted, and came up with, an excuse to experiment with color.

This scene, incidentally, was inspired by a message I recieved during a soul retrieval earlier this year.
Stay tuned!!