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Thursday, May 30, 2013


Just another little tidbit from my current comic project where I decided it was probably a good idea to explain better what Shamanic Dismemberment is before continuing the main story.  It's not the complete explanation but is a nice little stand alone nutshell.  And of course I used Star Trek as my metaphor because... well... Everything comes back to Star Trek, right? ;)

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Part of the reason I haven't been posting much here of late is that I've been working on a longer-term, multi-page comic of one of my more recent Shamanic Journey experiences, which, besides preparing for my debut of vending at Faerieworlds this year, has shouldered out working on my normal, smaller one-pagers.  Still, to prove I am actually producing comics, I thought I'd share a teaser of the first page of the aforementioned project.

...To be continued!

If you're interested, I recount the journey in a post on my other blog, The Golden Thread Road, in an entry titled Where I Am.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

And So Begins My Empire

Part of the reason I haven't had time to post much lately is because I've been working on this project. So I am proud to announce the newly released first volume of  Drawing Breath ~ The Comic Journal of Patrick CorriganThis is the very beginning of this particular comic, with its fits and starts, when I first realized my own life could be translated into my beloved, and magickal, art form known as cartooning. The first volume begins in the last years of my marriage and reaches into the first couple years of my single-hood, chronicling the whimsy, challenge, and adventure of my daily life, thoughts, and musings.

The most interesting thing to me is to see how my drawing style changes and improves over the years of drawing the book from one cover to the other, and even to compare the last pages of this book to the comics that I'm drawing today and posting in this blog.

You can preview the book below, which also links to my store where this and other of my comics are available for purchase.

Thank you!

(From the back cover of my book)