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Ancestral Voices

For anyone that is curious, the Sami people are the native reindeer herders of the Laplands. They are a Shamanic culture who, rather than using the repetitive beat of a drum or rattle, since those things were outlawed by the government of the invading culture, they learned to use a repetitive style of singing ("joiking" or "yoiking") as a vehicle for shamanic journeys to the spirit realms. Here's a sample of Sami Joiking.

Also for the curious, here is a sample of Native American Peyote Healing Songs.

Friday, March 9, 2018

All My Relations

For a few months now I've taken part in a program with Rose De Dan, a local Shaman who specializes in working with animals. We have been visiting different zoos in the Seattle area in ceremony and collecting, via prayer sticks, the prayers of the animals there whose role really is that of ambassadors between the animal and human kingdoms. It is amazing how interactive the animals are when you arrive fully present, with intention, and offer a vehicle of communion and energetic recognition of the Divine in each being. These have been the most profound zoo visits I have ever experienced, and I have spent a lot of time in zoos. We really are all related.

Aho All my Relations!
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!


Friday, February 16, 2018

I’m Not a Real Doctor...

So there's this thing I do sometimes along with performing a Soul Retrieval ceremony for a client, and it's called "Faery Doctoring." Sometimes when a person is missing a part of themselves due to trauma, I have to venture to the edges of the Faery Realm with Eo, my Irish Elk 'Faery Co-walker' and inquire of my liaison of that Kingdom, Alandria, whether that missing soul part has been taken by the Fae in their endless effort to balance the energies between our world and their own. For that soul part to return to my client in this world, we have to make an exchange to ensure the maintenance of balance, and this exchange usually takes the form of something creative -- dancing, singing, art work, etc -- for a certain period of time performed by both my client and myself.
This is what happened during a recent Soul Retrieval/Faery Doctoring session...

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