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Monday, January 6, 2014

Saint Daniel ~ Patron Saint of The Year of Trail Blazing

I have proclaimed for myself that this is the "Year of Trail Blazing." It therefore called for a changing of the guards, so to speak.  I used to look to Davy Crockett (Saint Davy) to remind me that my life is an adventure (And I really do have Saint Davy Prayer Candles like the one I drew). But something new has been sparking inside me, and more than just seeing the adventure that's happening to me, I am irresistibly drawn to strike out, claim my place as co-creator of my life, and actively blaze trails to the life I desire. And thus did step forward another childhood hero, Daniel Boone (Saint Daniel), one of the men who explored and blazed trails into the vast wilderness of this country.


In case you can't read the Gothic calligraphed words, here is the prayer:

Saint Daniel,
Grant me the
and Vision,
to joyfully follow
my wild heart
in blazing trails
and exploring
the Undiscovered Countries
of my Soul.

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