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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Book 'Em

When I first started my Drawing Breath comic, I was drawing it in the pages of a blank book --

I got away from that, trying to be "more professional" and drawing my comic on full sheets of paper which then get put into a plastic sleeve and put into a 3-ring binder.  Though the quality of my comic has noticeably increased, I feel like something has been lost.  There was a spontaneity and, seeing as it required less set up, I drew in the blank books more often, giving a window into day-to-day life, rather than the individual sheets of paper which seem to need a significant event or revelation to justify it's being drawn.  It's subtle but, being the good Libran that I am, my desire is to find a balance between the two.  So I will continue to draw the full page comics as I feel inspired, and meanwhile I am picking up my blank book once more with the intention of drawing everyday again.                   

The tricky part is that the last page in my last blank book is 3 or 4 years old and it doesn't feel proper to me to just start the next page like nothing has happened.  This is a new time and a new me and drawing my comics is a sacred ceremony.  As in ritual, I need to close one circle to create the sacred space for a new one.  To that end I drew the following four pages in my book to enable me to close one window and open another...



And so the circle is cast in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.  May bright blessed Brigit and the Spirits of Inspiration and Creativity bless me in my endeavors.  Blessed Be. 
...and in case your curious to read the two pages from the book above...


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