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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Swash-Bucketing Tale -- Gerb's Quarterly 10

So, this blog is suppose to be for my other comic, DRAWING BREATH as the title suggests, but Gerb and the other characters that I draw keep showing up instead.  I'm thinking I may need to give them their own page or blog.

Meanwhile, This is the tenth installment of a mini-comic I used to draw but haven't now for a number of years.  I do not know if it will make much sense if you don't know what's happened before, and it's an odd issue anyway because despite being the 'star' Gerb doesn't even appear in this one. If you would like to be caught up on what plot there may be, I have collected the first nine issues into a single book which you can order here (with my bountiful gratitude):     The Collected Gerb's Quarterly Vol 1
For now, please enjoy this latest issue, and stay tuned for the next exciting  adventure!                                                  



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