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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Smoke and Mirrors page 1

There's an issue that is never far away from my conscious mind that I've been dealing with since the beginning of the pandemic, which I find necessary to revisit from time to time in order to maintain my integrity around it in what I call my "Golden Lasso" moments. That issue is the videoing of sacred ceremonies, namely the Sacred Pipe Ceremony, which, if not outright forbidden, is definitely frowned upon.

I don't want to say too much about it at this point because this blog is largely about utilizing my cartooning skills to work things out. I'll just say that recently I've had a couple people, one indigenous and one not, requesting I stop because they felt that according to tradition it was disrespectful. This comic series is not to explain or justify myself, but to honestly look at what I do and why, and to find the balance, as well as the strength and courage, to continue forward when the guidance on my Shamanic path says one thing while traditions tell me something else. 

I have written about and drawn other comics on this subject, and to see those comics you can click on the White Buffalo Calf Woman label below. Please stay tuned for the unfolding of this comic series, and, as always, thank you for reading and for sharing this journey with me! <3    


Thursday, January 19, 2023

All Dogs Go To Heaven

It took me a long time to draw this comic through the heartbreak and grief, but one of the perks of cartooning your life is that it affords you another avenue of healing - to bring things out into the light of day rather than letting them fester unseen in the shadows, not to mention the therapeutic magick of transmuting pain into beauty. 

 Romp In Peace dear Bunny, Salama, and Teddy. ❤️


Thursday, January 12, 2023


I started this comic a week ago, just before going to Minnesota to celebrate "Second Christmas" with my family. Ironically I got a call from the store through which I rent my office space while I was on the plane about to take off to return to Seattle. Since I couldn't answer on the plane, once home I connected with them to find out that I was going to need to temporarily relocate my office back downstairs in the store because the building owner needed to replace the roof, and the only roof access is through a closet in my office. 

So today Valerie and I deconstructed my beautiful office, which I drew here, so a group of roofers can do their job over the next 4 to 6 weeks. This sudden, drastic change is par for the course with the other events of this past week, and I can only trust this inconvenience to be the initial unfolding of something grander. "Only good can come of this" and soon enough I'll be back in my 'little sliver of Sherwood."


Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Yuletide Felicitations

Perhaps a little late, but we are only on the Third day of Christmas after all! I hope yours is a glorious Yuletide and a magnificent New Year!

In case anyone was curious about who all these creatures are, here is a nifty key to their identities...

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Winging It

A while ago I performed a Soul Retrieval for a client which turned into a Faery Doctoring session when we found out that the soul part I was retrieving also needed to have retrieved for her, the wings that she'd left in the Faery realm when she decided to incarnate as a human this time around. As an energy exchange for my part in bringing those wings from their world to ours, the Fae requested that I draw a comic about the experience - The two page comic below. I originally drew it after the session and only just finished inking it.

If none of the above makes sense to you and you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about, here are a couple links to my Perching Wolf Studios website where you can find information about Soul Retrieval and about Faery Doctoring. Meanwhile, please enjoy the comic below! 


Friday, December 9, 2022

If I Could Talk To The Animals...

I just started taking this class, for the second time, where we go to the various area zoos to communicate with the animal ambassadors, collect their prayers, and then do fire ceremony to release their prayers for them. We had our first session the other night where we did a shamanic journey to connect with an animal spirit guide to ask for guidance on how we can better connect with animals. This was my experience...